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Fashion designers know how important accessories are in the realization of their projects. A buckle, a ring, a nail, these “accessories” are often responsible for the success or failure of a model.
The perfect accessory is born from the combination of the designer’s ideas and a professional and flexible production. Palgo has been working for years in the production, design and distribution of metal and plastic accessories in the fashion industry; their simple structure allows to follow the fashion designer in the planning stage, answering the needs and contributing with their experience to the feasibility of the economic and qualitative aspect of the piece.
Palgo’s research department is in the avant-guard and puts at their client’s disposal patented products that combine durability with economy. Having Palgo as a partner during the realization of your products means to increase the added value and to satisfy the quality required by the market, these are the two factors that establish the economic success of the production.
In 2013 Palgo expanded its production to the new generation plastics, with some focus on the shoes and bags segment. Thanks to the completeness of its supply, together with the great price/quality ratio, Palgo is a trust worthy partner for some of the main brands on the luxury market.
Palgo has a wide catalogue of finished articles, a result of years of experience in the market, and it is specialized in supporting the realization of ad hoc projects, starting from the design or realizing the designer’s ideas with 3d models, 3d designs and rendering created specifically.
The production process has been developed through a carefully standardized and verified procedure. This procedure has allowed Palgo to supply a product that fulfills the client’s needs, something durable and practical to be added to the production line. This is why our partnerships with the high range fashion market have always lasted long.